JB Technologies Group is a technology company with the knowledge, experience and capabilities needed to develop and produce a solution for your specific challenges. We are creative problem solvers specializing in thermoplastic additive manufacturing (3D printing) and full stack programming to bring a unique and qualified perspective to your companies' needs.

Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) Services

* Complete production from design to manufacture for rapid prototyping

* Multiple thermoplastic materials available

* Multiple finish and color options

* High resolution (50 microns) FDM printers allow for exceptional detail

* Many different machines equipped with varying capabilities like dual extrusion, flexible filament printing and high precision nozzles (200 microns)

* Large build volume capable at 24"x24"x24" (48"x24"x24" ready in June of 2019)

* Latest software for preparing and manipulating models

* Durable production parts at a fraction of the cost and lead time

* Constant monitoring via secure IP cameras

* Large quantities or single part orders

Full Stack Programming

* Develop simple or complex solutions for a commercial environment

* Automate repetitive/time consuming tasks

* Solutions for complex automation challenges

* Coding that is both robust and efficient


Contact JB Technologies Group at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (734) 838-3963 Ext 120