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Vision Inspection Technology

Maintain optimum operating efficiency in your plant with the installation of high-resolution digital vision inspection stations. Complete turnkey systems are designed for 2D and 3D inspection of glass, metal, plastic, or paper in any high or low speed production line. Multiple stations can be networked throughout a plant, managed remotely, sharing data between stations. A complete array of inspection results can be obtained from small parts to complex assemblies.


Man vs. Machine

Machine vision can go where humans cannot - vision systems can be installed in hazardous work situations such as radioactive areas, biohazard zones, high noise areas and rooms with temperature extremes.

Cameras and software are easily integrated with existing equipment, including industrial robots.






Systems are operator friendly, available with touch screen interfaces and defect/detection alarms. Vision inspection offers a world of applications - automotive, food & beverage, electronics, medical & pharmaceutical, part identification, and packaging.


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