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Backbone Simulation Box

The JB Autotech, Backbone Simulation box is a small lightweight tool that is completely self contained and easy on the eyes. Itís sturdy all aluminum construction makes it great for travel situations as well as use in the tough maintenance area. Large engraved labels and bright LED indicators for easy identification. Cables wrap up easily in the provided storage area and the top hides any necessary extra tools for the job.


Power is from standard 120 V outlet and internally converted to the 24 V DC that the backboneís use. The heavy duty cable has the Amphenol connector ready to plug into all PLC connections for cell simulation. 
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Simulation Bricks

Simulation bricks used for catalytic converter assembly line tryout. Can be made to various sizes. Materials used are durable and can also simulate weight and surface texture.


Reduces expenses for brick recovery and avoids wasting expensive converter bricks!  
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Camera Mounts

Fully adjustable swivel mounts and guards for industrial cameras - available for any make or model. Stock part numbers for GM, Ford, etc.


Guards can be custom designed per application - for hazardous, high temperature, waterproof,  or biohazardous environments.  
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JB SlickTub

Coat once, wipe clean


A unique silicone epoxy based substance designed specifically to prevent adhesion to the tub of your drag car.  JB SlickTub doesn't need to be applied over and over, just one time.  You'll be amazed at how well it works.  It is simply revolutionary! 

Available in a convenient one-application kit 

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